Spirit Gum with Remover

Spirit Gum with Remover
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Product Description

Spirit Gum & Removers for Latex Prostetics & FX

Adhesive for applying and removing latex features, including fake noses, bald caps, moustaches, beards, wigs, and crepe hair.

Directions to apply: Apply film to the desired area. Allow to dry slightly and become tacky to the touch, Lay in your appliance (crepe hair, prepared mustache, beard, rubber bald cap or nose) to the applied adhesive. Press gently with a towel and allow to dry.

Removal: To remove spirit gum use "spirit gum remover" which is made to dissolve the resin in spirit gum using a cotton ball or swab soaked in remover. Let remover soak into the Spirit Gum for a minute or so to loosen it. Gently wipe away any residue left on skin with additional clean cotton balls soaked in remover. Repeat as needed. Wash area with mild soap and water